5 Best Microphones for a Smartphone to Record Videos

5 Best Microphones for a Smartphone to Record Videos

Content creation is at an all-time high, thanks to platforms like YouTube and TikTok giving people the opportunity to showcase their talents. If you also plan on making videos, all you need is your smartphone and an external microphone for your phone to go along with it.

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While your phone can capture audio using the built-in mic, it may not sound professional. The best possible way to capture audio with minimal background noise is by using a dedicated mic. Regardless of whether you have an iPhone or an Android device, here are some of the best microphones for your phone that you can buy to start your content creation journey.

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Note: Some smartphone mics mentioned in this article connect via a 3.5mm headphone jack. If your phone doesn’t have a headphone jack, you can use a compatible adapter to connect the mic. Here’s our recommendation for a dongle.

1. Boya M1 Lavalier Microphone with Lapel Clip

The Boya M1 is an extremely popular mic in the creators’ circle due to 2 main reasons — it’s cheap, and it works with both a smartphone and a camera. The audio quality that you get out of it is excellent and punches well above its weight. The included cable is long, so even if you’re far away from the phone, you don’t have to worry about capturing good-quality audio.

If you’re a beginner looking for a good and reliable microphone for your phone that’s also affordable, you must consider the Boya M1. This is one of the best external phone mics if you’re going to mount your phone on a tripod and record a shot of you talking to the camera. Since it’s a lav mic, you get a clip that you can attach to your shirt.

The controller has a switch that can be used to toggle between camera mode and smartphone mode. So, if you decide to get a dedicated camera down the line, you can continue to use this mic. This mic connects via a 3.5mm jack so you might need the adapter mentioned above. This is one of the best affordable smartphone mics on the market and if you’re just starting out, you can definitely pick it up.

2. ttstar Omnidirectional Lapel Clip-on Condenser Mic

This microphone is similar to the Boya M1 except that it comes with a lightning port and is hence, a good option for iPhone users who want a cheap wired mic without buying an additional dongle. The mic is MFi-certified, so it should work fine with the built-in Camera app or even the Voice Memos app on your iPhone if you wish to record voiceovers. It’s one of the best-sellers on Amazon in this category and has plenty of good reviews.

This is yet another lavalier mic for beginners who want to get into content creation. Since it has a lightning port, you don’t really need an additional dongle which means you have one less accessory to carry along with you. You can get this mic if you wish to record headshots of yourself or if you record interviews and podcasts. It’s also a good option for live streams.

As per the reviews, this is a solid mic that does the job well. The only downside is that you have to unplug the mic to hear what you’ve recorded since the loudspeaker stops working when it’s connected. Another con is that it only works with an iPhone. So, if you decide to get a camera in the future, you will have to purchase a separate mic.

If you don’t have an iPhone and have an Android device instead, there is a USB-C version of this mic that you can get.

3. KASHEVI Wireless Lavalier Microphone for iPhone and Android

Both the mics mentioned so far were wired which means they aren’t suitable for vlogging with your phone. A wired mic may also be difficult to keep out of the frame if you’re recording a wide-angle shot. This is where a wireless microphone for your phone comes in handy. You get a receiver that plugs into your phone after which the mic can be clipped on and is ready to go.

The KASHEVI wireless mic for your phone is a universal microphone system that works with just about any device. The receiver connects via a 3.5mm jack by default but you also get USB-A, USB-C, and lightning adapters which means you can plug it into your camera, Android phone, PC, and even your iPhone to record audio wirelessly.

The mic can then be clipped onto your attire to be used as a standard lav mic. This is an omnidirectional mic which is helpful when you’re vlogging or recording yourself. Further, it is an excellent wireless mic setup and the reviews also concur. Since the entire setup is so small, you can carry it around with you anywhere in your pockets.

4. Saramonic Plug and Play Mic for iPhone

If you don’t want any wire dangling out of your iPhone, the Saramonic mini microphone for iPhone is a good option. It plugs straight into the lightning port and protrudes out of the side to face you when recording. It is an omnidirection condenser mic which makes it a good option for vlogging and for recording podcasts.

This is a plug-and-play mic that sits in the lightning port and faces one particular direction. Since the lightning connector is reversible, you can choose whether you want the mic to face toward you or away from you. The brand has included a windscreen along with the mic to cut off any sort of disturbance when recording outdoors.

One particular issue that some users in the reviews section have pointed out is that the mic can get in the way when you’re trying to hold your phone and record a video. This happens because of the way the mic is designed. If you’re vlogging, without a tripod or a gimbal, you might have a hard time holding the phone comfortably for long durations.

5. Shure MV88 Portable Condenser Mic for iPhone

This is yet another mic for your iPhone that plugs straight into the lightning port. Shure is a brand that’s renowned for making professional-grade microphones and this one is no different. It’s a digital condenser mic that records probably the best-quality audio among all the mics mentioned here so if you truly want an external mic for professional audio recording, this is the one to get, albeit the fact that it’s expensive.

The Shure MV88 is a professional mic in your pocket. It has a tiny form factor and plugs right into the lightning port of your iPhone. Once attached, you can rotate the mic by up to 90 degrees for precise recording. Shure has an accompanying app that you can use to modify the settings of the mic for recording.

As per the reviews, this is one of the best mics for the iPhone that you can find if you’re serious about your audio. Even if you’re an artist who records music, this is a great solution to record directly onto your phone. One downside, as reported by several users, is that you cannot use this mic along with a case on your iPhone due to the way it’s designed. Each time you use it, you will have to take the case off which can be a hassle.

FAQs for Best Mics for Smartphones

1. Can I use a mic for my camera with my smartphone?

Most mics meant for cameras are not supported on smartphones. However, there are some universal mics like the ones mentioned in this article that work with both. Depending on which mic you have, check the user manual to see if you can use it with your phone. If you can, get a dongle from the link above and you will be able to use it.

2. Does the iPhone camera app support external mics?

Yes, the iPhone camera app allows you to record audio via an external mic. As soon as you plug in a mic, the audio source automatically switches over to it.

Record Crisp Audio

No matter how good the quality of your video is, if the audio isn’t good, your viewers are going to be disappointed. This is where an external microphone for your phone becomes an important accessory. Record your audio using a dedicated mic for professional quality direct from your smartphone with the help of these mics.