5 Digital Marketing Companies in London to Know

5 Digital Marketing Companies in London to Know

Digital marketers rely on a variety of strategies to get a business’ message in front of the right audience. These can include optimizing a client’s social media presence or website content. This list of digital marketing companies in London includes some of the leading agencies working alongside UK and international businesses to effectively promote their brand, products and services through various channels.

Top Digital Marketing Companies in London

  • iCrossing
  • The Good Marketer
  • Gripped
  • Iconic Digital
  • Absolute Digital Media


Digital Marketing Companies in London to Know

iCrossing specializes in digital transformations, using data to create personalized marketing strategies with growth and longevity in mind. Its approach involves a high level of integration with its client companies to precisely identify areas that can be optimized. Owned by Hearst, iCrossing operates 19 global offices and partners with Salesforce, Microsoft, Google Cloud and Shopify.

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The Good Marketer serves small- and medium-sized businesses with bespoke digital marketing strategies, including a full suite of services like SEO, website development, social media management and content marketing. Founded in 2017, the company has served more than five dozen small businesses.

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Gripped is a sales and marketing agency that serves B2B companies in the tech, IT and SaaS sectors. It works with startups and directly with venture capitalists who want to accelerate their investment companies. Gripped offers services ranging from strategy and B2B SEO to paid social and content marketing.

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Iconic Digital handles all things digital marketing, from brand story and marketing strategy to website and other digital assets like press releases, blog posts, social media posts and email automations. The company boasts packages with guaranteed ROI, as well as a la carte services like SEO and email marketing.

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Absolute Digital Media partners with companies in e-commerce, finance, casino and CBD industries to bring them digital marketing services such as digital PR and web design. According to the company, client results have included increases in traffic and revenue.

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