50 Gigabit Internet Can Be Yours for Only $900 a Month

50 Gigabit Internet Can Be Yours for Only $900 a Month

Ever wanted to be the first in your neighborhood with a 50 Gbps Internet plan? If you live in the right areas of the Pacific Northwest and can be serviced by the Ziply Fiber Internet Service Provider, you actually can sign up for such obscenely powerful Internet service! With some very important caveats, of course.

For one, anyone who wants to hop onto this 50 Gbps Internet plan on offer from Ziply is going to need to cough up $900 a month for the privilege, as reported by PCMag. This would be expensive anywhere in the country, but is particularly pricey considering the average cost of housing in the Pacific Midwest. 

Beyond the basic monthly cost, users will also need to provide their own router and networking equipment that can actually utilize 50 Gbps internet. The Ziply-recommended MikroTik Router for this purpose comes with 16GB of onboard RAM and costs over $2000 on Amazon at the time of writing. This simply… isn’t in the range of most consumers (or even enthusiasts), though some will still bite for the novelty of the experience, anyway.

Ziply Fiber's service area map as of November 2023.

(Image credit: Ziply Fiber)

More realistically, most of the United States deals with a national average of about 250 Mbps Internet speeds, with even single Gb only just becoming more commonplace recently. A whopping 50Gb of Internet throughput isn’t just well beyond the actual performance of most client devices (most Ethernet ports are only 1Gb), but exponentially beyond the performance of the average US internet speed, as well.