Best Mesh Router Deals: Up to $140 off Eero, Nest Wifi and More

Best Mesh Router Deals: Up to $140 off Eero, Nest Wifi and More

If you live in a larger home or you simply find that your ISP-provided router offers paltry coverage, it’s probably worth investing in a mesh networking system. Whether you’ve got dead zones in the outer reaches of your property or your connection is faltering under the weight of many smart devices connected to one router, a mesh networking system could improve your overall experience.

With mesh routers dotted around your home, your wireless connection will be extended over a much larger area than a single router can offer with each mesh device relaying your wireless traffic back to your modem. Better yet, you’ll enjoy one seamless connection as you move around without the need to manually switch between networks as some traditional range extenders require. 

There are a ton of mesh router options on the market these days and you rarely have to pay full price to get yourself set up with a mesh networking system. The below list is regularly updated and contains the best mesh router deals available right now. 

Best mesh router deals available right now


Netgear’s Orbi AC1200 is a more stripped back version of its mesh networking system but it makes for a good entry-level option for a lot of folks, especially at its current discounted price. It’s Wi-Fi 5, rather than the newer Wi-Fi 6 or Wi-Fi 6E, and only dual-band, but we found it to be a terrific value option in our review. 

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Eero was the first brand to really take mesh networking mainstream and has continued to improve its offering since being acquired by Amazon. Though newer Wi-Fi 6-compatible models have been released, the previous-gen Mesh WiFi model sporting Wi-Fi 5 tech is still available and has come down in price recently. The three-piece set on sale right now can cover up to 5,000 square feet and is super easy to set up (I would know, because I have this system). 

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Another straightforward and affordable pick for your home mesh networking needs is Google’s Nest Wifi. The two-piece set is $100 off and offers a particularly great experience for those plugged into the Google smart home ecosystem. Though it lacks Wi-Fi 6, it has some smart features like WPA3 security and support for 4×4 MU-MIMO, meaning faster speeds for devices that can use multiple antennas such as your MacBook. Each extender acts as a Google Assistant smart speaker, too.


The Deco X20 is TP-Link’s budget-friendly mesh networking system and the three-piece kit is even more affordable with this discount. The system offers Wi-Fi 6 support, up to 5,800 square feet of coverage and speeds of up to 1,200Mbps on its 5GHz band. Be sure to clip the on-page coupon for the full savings. 


If you want to go with an Eero product and can afford to spend a little bit more, the Eero 6 Plus is a worthy upgrade over the Eero 6 and older models. It’s just as easy to set up and control via the Eero app and offers consistent speeds plus built-in smart home support. Our review described it as “an excellent mesh system for the money” — even more so with today’s deal — that is a solid option for anyone looking for a faster connection at home. 


If you’re looking to balance top-end features and price, the Asus ZenWiFi AX is hard to beat. This two-piece system can cover up to 5,500 square feet and offers Wi-Fi 6, MU-MIMO, as well as a tri-band configuration with a dedicated wireless backhaul for an improved connection between mesh devices. 

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Amazon’s Eero Pro 6E is the company’s top-of-the-line mesh networking system and, as such, it carries the heftiest price. You can, however, mitigate that somewhat with up to $140 off right now. The Pro 6E system sets itself apart form the rest of the Eero lineup with its eponymous Wi-Fi 6E support, 6GHz radio band and support for over 100 connected devices. The system supports super-fast speeds and can blanket up to 6,000 square feet in wireless coverage. 

How do I know if I need a mesh network?

The main benefit of upgrading to a mesh network is to rid your home of dead zones. Since mesh systems offer a greater coverage area than a stand-alone router, they are well-suited to medium or large homes. If your home is spread across over 1,500 square feet, you likely have some harder-to-reach spots for a traditional router.

Smaller properties may be serviced just fine by a regular router. Still, if you find internet speeds plummeting in the rooms farthest from your router, it might make sense to upgrade to a mesh system.   

Will a mesh network replace my existing router?

Yes, your new mesh network will replace your current router. A mesh router will connect directly to your modem via Ethernet, like your existing router does, with any other mesh devices being connected to power at other spots in your home. 

Importantly, you’ll see just one network in your home and phones, tablets and other devices will automatically switch between the various mesh devices in the background as you move around so you’re always connected to the optimum mesh device.