Butte School District shuts down computer network after system compromised

Butte School District shuts down computer network after system compromised

BUTTE — The Butte School District was forced to shut down its computer system this week to investigate an unknown breach of the network that serves all the public schools in the city.

“All I can say is that we’re still investigating the issue and we do not have any clear information of what it was,” said Butte School District Superintendent Judy Jonart.

The district first reported a technical problem with the computer system on Nov. 4. A team working on the computer system shut it down as a precaution and the school could not receive emails or voice messages. Classes are continuing, but teachers and students don’t have access to smartboards or computer-related learning.

“It’s an ongoing situation, but we will definitely keep people up to date. As soon as I know something definitive, I’m absolutely going to let people know,” said Jonart.

Students have heard many rumors about the system being hacked or a victim of ransomware. One Butte High student said the situation has affected the classroom.

“She now has to right here schedule on a whole separate board. Because, again, kids used to walk in, see the smartboard and be like, hey, taking notes for yada-yada. But now it’s kind of chaotic,” said Teagan Bettle.

Jonart said they have no evidence that any personal information from students and staff has been compromised by this situation. For Teagan, he’s not too worried.

“I’m a pretty chill kid. As long as I get my education, I’m a-okay,” he said.