FBI Chicago warns of new computer scam targeting Illinois residents

If you have parents or grandparents that are not tech-savvy, the FBI Chicago is asking you to give them a heads-up about a new fraud concentrating on more mature Illinoisans.

The scam starts with a pop-up window and for some victims, has ended in them losing 1000’s of bucks.

“Visualize getting more mature and retired, and shedding $1 million of your price savings,” stated FBI Exclusive Agent Siobhan Johnson.

That is basically took place as a final result of a new cyber-scam that starts off with your laptop freezing, adopted by a pop-up on the monitor declaring the laptop or computer has been hacked. The pop-up has a mobile phone quantity that is supposedly a properly-known stability software package organization.

Nonetheless, if you dial it, it prospects to scammers professing to be from a financial institution or the Social Safety Administration.


“None of these people today get the job done for any of these corporations,” mentioned Johnson. “They are all scammers. They are all nicely-versed in what their role is in the fraud and they’re just heading to guide you deeper and further down the rabbit hole.”

Once down that hole, Johnson mentioned the scammers are duping people today into transferring their incredibly genuine cash into bogus accounts below the guise of “shielding” it.

“We’re putting this notify out correct now because we are observing a quantity of persons who otherwise have full and total management over their life, intelligent persons, they’re slipping prey to this scam,” Johnson mentioned. “Call your mom, simply call your father, call your grandparents, just allow them know: once the pop-up appears on your display screen, that is where the trouble is.”

If you see the pop-up, disconnect your laptop or computer from the world wide web right away. Do not just transform off your computer, never just restart it — transform off the WiFi or world wide web connection and phone somebody who appreciates how to scan the laptop for malware.