Give your old laptop a new lease of life with Chrome OS Flex

We’ve all got them, I’m sure, old laptops that have seen better days. Machines that were once vital partners to our gaming and work but are now left to gather dust under a sofa or in a drawer somewhere. Systems that once upon a time could happily run Windows but now struggle to stay up-to-date with the bloat of Microsoft’s operating system. There’s a good chance they can’t even update to Windows 11 (opens in new tab), and Windows 10 is pushing their ageing hard drives a bit too hard for comfort too. 

You’ve always had the option of running Linux on such machines, and as time has passed the free OS distros have definitely made the whole installation process a much easier experience. The likes of Ubuntu (opens in new tab), Zorin OS (opens in new tab), Arch (opens in new tab) et al. make for a similar enough environment for anyone coming from Windows to not be too freaked by the whole experience.