Is Hunter’s laptop really a critical issue facing America?

Is Hunter’s laptop really a critical issue facing America?


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Hunter Biden is seen at the White House on April 18, 2022 in Washington, DC. The smaller picture shows President Joe Biden during a joint press conference with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky at the White House on December 21, 2022 in Washington, DC.

Hunter Biden is seen at the White Household on April 18, 2022 in Washington, DC. The scaled-down photo shows President Joe Biden all through a joint push conference with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky at the White Residence on December 21, 2022 in Washington, DC.

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Hunter’s notebook

In a Dec. 20 op-ed Mick Mulvaney argued that Kevin McCarthy’s attempt to gain sufficient votes to become Speaker of the Dwelling ought to fulfill conservatives, and he listed three good reasons why: McCarthy’s desire in investigations into the COVID response, Biden family’s abroad ties, and politicization of federal businesses.

Are these actually the crucial issues facing The us right now? As an alternative of raking about society war merchandise that reward no 1, Republicans would do far better to market policies that seem to the upcoming. This sort of insurance policies may well contain enhancing the schooling of our young children, long-time period overall health treatment for failing seniors, assist to strengthen our democratic institutions, and a significant program to handle the issue of immigration.

In the context of complications that ought to get the consideration of Congress, Hunter Biden’s laptop computer ought to have a really very low priority.

Rosalind Coleman, Durham

Help refugees

In my household we bear in mind my mom and grandmother at this time of calendar year. It was 81 yrs in the past through “the coldest European winter of the 20th Century” that they slipped out of Nazi-occupied Brussels with the support of a smuggler.

Right after a train ride in which a priest in their compartment was removed by the Gestapo and a evening in a resort crammed with German troopers, they ended up place on a bus the night of Dec. 31, 1941. Right before they reached the line of demarcation they ended up explained to to get off and head through the woods in bitter chilly. They crossed into Vichy France and walked to the closest town, where by they had been arrested but not deported back to Germany.

This story is playing out on our southern border. As you acquire with your people to celebrate the holidays in the heat of your residence, bear in mind the refugees on the border in which night time-time temperatures are slipping into the small 20s.

We have a ethical obligation to help these folks, and we must not deport them back again to the violence and despair of their homelands. The united states largely turned its back again on refugees in the 1940s. We need to welcome them now.

Andrew Silton, Greensboro

Who’s to blame?

As I waited in line to purchase gas not too long ago at $2.59 for every gallon, I wondered the place all the credit to our president was currently being posted. Following all, just a number of months ago, right before the midterm elections, conservative candidates and pundits have been blaming Biden for fuel price ranges in the $3.60 variety. Now, just silence.

Probably we ought to all fully grasp that presidents have negligible command over gas charges and other working day-to-day financial problems. Whilst the stimulus bills, help for Ukraine, and infrastructure spending do price dollars, it is to tackle suitable concerns and they do not directly translate to increased gasoline or meals prices.

Possibly Congress and point out legislatures should really concentrate on our social concerns somewhat than offering tax breaks for wealthy and corporate donors — and stop blaming Presidents for their very own failures.

Joseph Burmester, Raleigh

Whales, the earth

Latest Observer and News & Observer posts included details about a review that exhibits whales could deliver a worthwhile carbon storage option: They’re so significant and stay so extended that their bodies hold monumental amounts of carbon. Which is a powerful argument for banning business whaling.

Prescription drugs and wellness supplements that use whale by-solutions can substitute other ingredients. And with the increased aim on carbon reduction these times, the affect of a robust whale inhabitants considerably outweighs their use in industrial solutions.

“Saving the whales” suggests additional than just holding them all-around to look at on working day outings. They could enjoy a huge element in conserving our world.

Carl Blomquist, Charlotte

Cancer exploration

Congress has a prolonged ought to-do list. At the leading of it need to be passing procedures to help you save a lot more life from most cancers and strengthen affected person care for people identified with the condition.

As a 7-12 months colon and breast most cancers survivor, I want Congress to pass crucial laws increasing federal funding for cancer investigate and avoidance, which includes Medicare coverage of multi-most cancers early detection exams, increasing accessibility to palliative care for high-quality of daily life.

Congress can positively impression the lives of millions of American most cancers sufferers, survivors and their family members this calendar year and for a long time to appear.

DonnaMarie Woodson, Charlotte

American Most cancers Modern society volunteer

Ban these applications

Some of the largest contributors to both air and noise air pollution are noisy fuel driven lawn and lawn maintenance products. I switched around to electrical and battery powered lawn tools 6 decades in the past and my lawn and neighbors couldn’t be happier.

Charlotte (and it’s possible other N.C. metropolitan areas) ought to ban the sale and use of fuel run garden upkeep to preserve the surroundings and make this a additional pleasant and greener position to are living. Mom Earth desires our assistance.

Jim Van Meerten, Charlotte