Kenosha starts construction of open-access broadband network

Kenosha starts construction of open-access broadband network

A very thin single strand of fiber-optic cable can support ultra-fast uploads and downloads of 1,000 megabits per second. By comparison, the copper wires would only support a small fraction of those speeds.

Construction has begun of a citywide substantial-pace world wide web network in Kenosha aimed at presenting citizens and businesses an option to the existing services suppliers.

The privately-funded $100 million challenge is anticipated to be finished in 2025 according to its developer, New Jersey-based mostly SiFi Networks.

As the provider is turned on in stages about the future a few a long time, clients could get speeds of up to 10 gigabit for every next downloads and uploads, SiFi suggests, which would make it one of the fastest networks obtainable any where.

It would be an open-entry community the place various online support suppliers would use SiFi’s fiber cable program to deliver assistance and contend for consumers. 

The City of Outstanding, in northwest Wisconsin, is pursuing some thing identical. The principal variation is that, in Top-quality, the metropolis would possess the fiber and lease it to provider providers.