TEXAS (OCTOBER 23, 2023) – Optimum, the local provider of internet, television, phone, and  mobile services, today announces that it has upgraded its local network in Georgetown, Texas to  bring its 100% Fiber Internet service to local residents and businesses. 

Optimum’s 100% Fiber Internet Network provides a superior connectivity experience, including  gigabit symmetrical speeds, unlimited data with 99.9% network reliability, increased bandwidth for  more devices, and Smart WiFi for whole home coverage. 

Optimum customers can also enjoy the company’s Optimum Mobile service, delivered over  America’s most awarded 5G network, to experience complete and seamless connectivity through  Optimum both at home and on the go. Additionally, when signing up for an Internet + Mobile  bundle from Optimum, customers are eligible for significant monthly savings. Optimum also offers  TV and phone services as well. 

“Optimum is proud to have upgraded our network in Georgetown, Texas to full-fiber technology,  enabling the delivery of 100% Fiber Internet services for Georgetown residents and businesses,”  said Leroy Williams, Chief Growth Officer for Optimum. “This fiber investment underscores our  commitment to being the provider of choice in the markets we serve and delivering the most  advanced connectivity experience for our customers.” 

How You Can Sign Up for Optimum Fiber & Mobile Services 

Customers interested in switching to Optimum can enroll in Optimum Complete, which unlocks  significant monthly savings with Internet + Mobile bundles starting at just $45 per month. The  company also participates in the Affordable Connectivity Program, which offers a subsidy of up to  $30 per month to help qualifying households pay for Internet or mobile service. 

For more information on Optimum’s fiber network and product offerings, residents can visit the  Optimum store in Georgetown, call 866.9.OPTIMUM or visit optimum.com/internet. 

Store Information 

Address: 1013 West University Ave Suite 180, Georgetown, TX 78628 

Hours: Monday – Saturday 9 a.m. – 6 p.m.; Sunday 11 a.m. – 5 p.m.  

About Optimum 

Optimum is a brand of Altice USA, one of the largest broadband communications and video  services providers in the United States, delivering broadband, video, and mobile services to  approximately 4.8 million residential and business customers across 21 states. The company  operates a4, an advanced advertising and data business, which provides audience-based,  multiscreen advertising solutions to local, regional and national businesses and advertising  clients. Altice USA also offers hyper-local, national, international and business news through its  News 12, Cheddar News and i24NEWS networks.