Report: Trump’s Golf Cart Is Retrofitted With a Laptop and Printer So He Can Read “Uplifting News Articles” and “Online Posts” About Himself

Report: Trump’s Golf Cart Is Retrofitted With a Laptop and Printer So He Can Read “Uplifting News Articles” and “Online Posts” About Himself

The transition from leader of the free earth to common outdated civilian is a single that only a compact group of individuals will at any time encounter, and with no formal guidebook to inform them what to do, ex-presidents are compelled to forge their personal paths. George W. Bush took up painting. Invoice Clinton caught up on Television set shows he’d missed and started out a philanthropic foundation. Barack Obama wrote a further memoir, did a podcast with Bruce Springsteen, and acquired midway to EGOT standing. As for the most current person to exit the White Household? In addition to continue to obsessing (and lying) about the 2020 election, eating with noted antisemites, and defending the violent mob that broke into the US Capitol on January 6, he typically spends his days remaining cocooned in his for-gain club, exactly where aides are tasked with drumming up excellent press—and he can stay clear of any person telling him how much he sucks.

Certainly, in accordance to a report from The Washington Post re: Donald Trump’s life of late, a regular working day for the ex-president entails rising early, building phone calls, viewing Television set, and reading through some newspapers. Just after that, practically each individual working day of the week, he performs golf when on the class, he is usually accompanied by a previous A person The united states Information host named Natalie Harp, who rides together in a cart “equipped with a laptop computer and from time to time a printer to demonstrate him uplifting information content, on-line posts, or other products.” On “quiet times,” when Harp has presumably been not able to obtain any person saying everything positive about the former man in even the worst corners of the internet, one more aide, Molly Michael, has reportedly phoned up “Trump’s community of allies throughout the place requesting that they dial the former president to boost his spirits with good affirmations.” In accordance to folks who have been on the acquiring close of these requests, Michael has in essence said there is no have to have to be concerned that Trump is, like, likely to hurt himself or anything this is simply about feeding his insatiable appetite for focus.

To that finish, in maybe just one of the saddest anecdotes concerning Trump’s transition from POTUS to FPOTUS, the previous guy reportedly “asked a crew of advisers” in early 2021 “if he could summon a press pool” for an occasion at his club, only to be told, per a former aide, “that he didn’t have a group standing all-around waiting around for him any more,” on account of the full no-more time-becoming-president matter. According to the Submit, the group cobbled with each other “the couple reporters who transpired to be reporting in Palm Beach” and experienced time in their schedules to demonstrate up.

Anyway, back to a working day in the everyday living of our very cosseted ex-president. Immediately after lunch, 45 improvements into a suit and “shows up in the business previously mentioned the Mar-a-Lago ballroom” Harp, who usually “perches herself correct outside” claimed place of work, is there to “cater attentively to his have to have for continual praise,” which we believe includes however a lot more printouts about conservative commentators indicating things like, “Donald Trump must be crowned emperor,” or only calling him “my liege.” Appear dinnertime, Trump reveals up in the community portion of the club, exactly where paying customers “stand and applaud at his appearance” and then do so “again right after he finishes his meal and retires for the night time.” From time to time he helps make unannounced appearances at people’s weddings and delivers speeches about himself an equivalent opportunist, he has also completed this at memorial providers. In scenario it wasn’t apparent, Trump’s option to essentially hardly ever go away Mar-a-Lago, or a single of his other for-income clubs, usually means that he, a male who would gain from a dose of constructive criticism—or a person bluntly conveying to him that he’s a malignant cancer on society—never has to encounter any one who thinks he’s something considerably less than the biggest president to at any time live.

For every the Post:

As a non-public citizen, Trump is significantly more isolated than he was as president. He helps make virtually no community appearances outdoors of political rallies where by he is surrounded by even much larger crowds of screaming followers. (Regardless of declaring his reelection campaign in the Mar-a-Lago ballroom on Nov. 15, he has not emerged from his cocoon for a rally out in the country given that then.) He requires no holidays to homes he does not individual. He virtually hardly ever encounters men and women willing to obstacle his behavior—much less legitimate political opponents.

Several people today close to Trump said there are only a several persons who are ready to provide terrible information still left in his orbit, political adviser Susan Wiles main between them. His circle has shrunken substantially, with lots of of his longtime allies making an attempt to avoid evening meal invites—and some even weighing roles with other 2024 candidates. “No a single desires to confront him due to the fact he can be a beast,” a single adviser claimed.

Some longtime aides are significantly distressed by the affect of Harp, 31, who is rarely absent from his facet.… “She is indicative of the men and women close to him who just really like him,” the adviser said. “Love him way too substantially.”

According to the Article, there is “no senior aide living in Florida entire time, with advisers flying in and out as needed.” Which apparently suggests a lot of “Yes, sir, you are the most effective, sir” and minimal to no grownup supervision, consequently primary to matters like dinners with antisemites and white supremacists. “He demands somebody there to say, ‘Here’s a genuinely lousy thought, and this is why.’ I really do not consider he has that kind of crowd all around him appropriate now. Nor does the president want anybody like that,” David Urban, a former Trump adviser, advised the outlet.

What could go incorrect?