Samsung Galaxy A74 reportedly won’t exist, A7x series ended

For fairly a though now Samsung’s best marketing smartphone series has been the A5x. But up until finally now, it wasn’t the best doggy of the A sequence, that honor reserved to the A7x. Perfectly, according to a new rumor, that is all set to adjust up coming year, as there will be no A7x machine no extra.

Which is suitable, the A73 was evidently the last A7x product ever manufactured, as Samsung will not release an A74 in 2023, therefore leaving the Galaxy A54 to be the headliner of the A sequence in equally sales attractiveness but also sheer specs.

Samsung Galaxy A73
Samsung Galaxy A73

Whilst other forthcoming Ax4 handsets have been leaked, no these kinds of point occurred to the A74, and which is allegedly owing to the basic fact that there is no A74 in enhancement, nor will there ever be.

This may possibly seem odd, but think about that the Galaxy A73 was now marginalized in Samsung’s portfolio, receiving a launch in a lesser quantity of countries than the A72 ahead of it. So potentially the tale of the A73 was foreshadowing what was heading to inevitably come about with the A74.

There’s also no word about a Galaxy S22 FE or S23 FE, which leaves a bizarre (and fairly big) rate gap amongst the A54 and the S23, large open for Chinese competitors to get gain of. It’s a questionable strategy at most effective, to go away on your own exposed to the competitors like that, but perhaps Samsung does have a plan – providing the S22 at an even greater discount and slotting it in there? We are going to have to hold out for the S23’s introduction to come across out. Thankfully, that’s only a number of weeks absent, now rumored to get area on February 1.

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