The Best Budget Android Phones in 2023

The Best Budget Android Phones in 2023

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There is no better time to buy a budget Android phone, whether you’ve always bought phones in the budget category, or even if you’re used to more expensive flagship devices. 

These days, budget Android phones come with performance, camera quality, features, displays, and designs that surprise us for their price tags — in a very good way. 

When we say “budget” Android phones, we’re referring to devices that cost less than $500, with sub-$400 prices being preferable. We’re hesitant to recommend anything below the $200 price point, as phone performance and camera quality start to suffer beyond reasonable expectations.

Shopping for the best cheap Android phone isn’t as simple as looking at the price tag, as relatively higher prices don’t necessarily guarantee a better phone. For a more comprehensive look at the Android landscape, including premium devices, see our guide to the best Android phones overall. 

Our top picks for the best budget Android phones

Best overall: Google Pixel 7a – See at Amazon
The Pixel 7a from Google is on the pricier side when talking about budget phones, but it offers an essentially premium experience at a great discount. 

Best overall alternative: Google Pixel 6a – See at Amazon
The Google Pixel 6a also delivers an exceptional balance of performance, camera quality, features, and price for a budget Android phone. 

Best true budget: Samsung Galaxy A14 5G – See at Best Buy
Samsung’s Galaxy A14 offers solid performance and a decent camera with a large screen that outperforms its low price tag of $200.  

Best camera: Google Pixel 6a – See at Amazon
Google’s Pixel 6a cameras can’t be beat for the price — even spending three times more on a premium phone won’t guarantee better photos. 

Best battery life: Samsung Galaxy A54 – See at Amazon
Samsung’s Galaxy A54 has the best battery life on this list despite a medium-sized, 6.4-inch screen, and it supports up to 25W charging speeds.

Best large screen: OnePlus Nord N30 – See at Best Buy
The OnePlus Nord N30 has the biggest screen on this list while sporting excellent performance, good battery life, and an included 50W charger.