The Best Budget Smartphone For All The Gamers Out There

The Best Budget Smartphone For All The Gamers Out There


Yes, the Infinix GT 10 Pro is focused on gaming rather than cameras and that’s okay. You know what you’re getting into before purchasing a GT 10 Pro. With that said, the GT Pro comes with a triple-camera setup, of which only one lens is useful. The 108MP camera at the back is the standout of the three with the 2MP macro and portrait lenses being pretty much useless. 

The camera is best for sharing on social media apps like Instagram. But, just remember not to blow them up on your 55” TV. 

On the front is a 32MP selfie camera which is decent, if nothing great. 

In good daylight scenarios, the GT 10 Pro takes some good images while retaining plenty of details and offering great colour vibrancy. In low-light though, the cameras take a hit, missing out on details and showcasing visible noise. The Night mode is a must if you’re shooting in low-light conditions as it does a better job with the images. They’re sharper (with more details) and less noise. 

I’m not sure why Infinix didn’t include an ultra-wide camera. It’s a baffling decision, rather than a cost-cutting measure, in my opinion. 

Verdict: A great budget gaming smartphone! 

I can safely say that this is Infinix’s best smartphone of the past six months. The design does the talking and is backed up by some really good performance thanks to the Dimensity 8050 chipset. The camera may not have been prioritised, and the software lacks polish, but with an all-day battery life and gaming chops, the GT 10 Pro has positioned itself well. 

If you want the best hardware and on a tight budget, and don’t mind being overwhelmed by the software, then the GT 10 Pro is the one for you. More so if you’re an avid gamer. The only real competition to the GT 10 Pro is the POCO X5 Pro. 

Overall, the GT 10 Pro does enough to justify its place amongst the best budget smartphones available in today’s market.